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Off Ice Training opportunity for all MCYH players

Monroe County Hockey Program Offerings

  • Teach Warm Up drills covering Proper Movement Technique
  • Have a daily focus such as Resistance Training, Building Explosive Power, LinearSpeed - Acceleration/Deceleration Drills, Agility, Core and Midline Stability
  • Incorporate Flexibility and Mobility drills Discuss Nutrition and Recovery StrategiesSpecifically for Athletes
  • Is Age Appropriate and Fun!


Each Strength and Conditioning Class follows a basic format:

1. Instructor led warm up

2. Age Appropriate Strength Training - Squats/Deadlifts/Presses/Cleans - This could be

with a Barbell, Kettle Bell, or simply Body Weight depending on the athlete's age,

experience, and how many sessions they've completed. 

3. Accessory Work - Hockey specific movements, Additional strength, explosive work

and footwork, or speed drills

4. Conditioning - This will vary session to session - It will often have a push movement,

a pull movement, a hip hinge, and a core driven movement. Younger age groups will

often be a game or obstacle course.


Cost: Based on the number of athletes and number of sessions.

Prices range from 8 – 15$ per athlete/per session.


Schedule: Will be aligned with practice schedules as much as possible so athletes will train

either before or after practice. Programs can be set up so athletes will train 1 – 3 times a week.

Offseason Programs Available June through August, In Season September through February

To ensure maximum quality and that each athlete receives individual attention space will be

limited. It will be based on age and experience.


References available on request: – 585 – 738 – 2477

by posted 04/28/2016
3rd Annual Putnam Awards


Recently the 3rd annual Tyler Putnam Awards were held, which is a huge hockey event in Rochester that brings all the organizations together to honor athletes in the area for a truly great cause.  This year, there was also an award for “Organization of the Year” and “Rink of the Year”, which was voted on by the people. 

We are happy to say that MCYH won for organization of the year and Lakeshore won for rink of the year !!!! 

Thanks to all that voted and all that continue to support MCYH and Lakeshore.

We’d also like to congratulate other MCYH athletes on their Tyler Putnum Awards:

MCYH Player of the Year : Brendan Howell

Josh Opladen Goalie Award: Luke Green

by posted 03/25/2016
Opladen Family ALS Fund

Steve Opladen is a very private man.  He is a loving husband and father and has spent much of his free time supporting youth hockey in Rochester, NY as well as coaching and attending his children’s hockey games and attending their soccer games, lacrosse games, golf matches and any other activities they chose to participate in.  Click here to read more and to donate to the fund

by posted 03/23/2016
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